At the early age of 12, Melina began sneaking out with her first camera, eventually developing a fascination for photography by taking snapshots of everything that catches her eye and sparks an interest in her.

Four years ago, Melina moved to her new home Berlin, where she now lives, works and gains daily inspiration. 
There's three main passions, Melina follows in her daily life: travels and exploring the world, living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and living her creative side through art and fashion.

This blog was founded in October 2015 and is a creative outlet for Melina to share her passions with her followers. Here you will find anything about her latest travel adventures, as well as inspiration for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and personal thoughts on various issues a weekly basis. melinaophelia is Melina’s baby and she loves to fill it with all things creative that could inspire others to live a happier and healthier life.

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